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EASA Conference 2020 Reimagined!

EASA Conference 2021

Fort Worth, Texas


Pump Reliability Essentials


Event date: 7/15/2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Central

   Member: FREE
   Non-member: $199 per site
   Sponsored by Megger Baker Instruments


Presented by Gene Vogel,
EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist

The EASA Pump-Reliability Seminar is a two-day program that describes in detail the factors related to pump reliability. This webinar will introduce participants to those factors and how they come together to ensure a reliably operating pump. Not everyone needs to be a pump expert, but they should know the essentials of reliability to recognize when more expertise is needed.

  • Pump reliability factors

  • Pump applications

  • Pump failure modes

This top-level view will be useful to service center managers, sales personnel, engineers, and technicians who encounter pumps in the scope of their work.

Updates Issued for Technical Manual; Members Can Download for Free

EASA members have FREE access to the latest EASA Technical Manual updates. EASA's Technical Services Committee reviews this comprehensive 900+ page manual annually, making updates and additions to sections on a rotating basis. This year, the following sections received updates:

  • Section 2: AC Machines

  • Section 7: Electrical Testing

  • Section 8: Bearings

  • Section 10: Mechanical

  • Section 11: Formulas & Conversion Factors

  • Section 12: Tech Notes

Members can download the complete updated Technical Manual, or just download the sections that apply to the work that you perform.

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